Female, animal lover, aspiring writer, bookworm, sports geek..

I aspire to be a writer yet, living in Malaysia is hard for fiction writers – unless you have a base overseas.. My romance + mystery is not really the local’s favourite cup of tea and we all love our teh tarik so it’s a tough act to follow..


I recently read an article saying that being mediocre/average is not a bad thing as overachieving and underachieving could drag a person down but simple achievements are what that carries us forward so I may not get published or recognized but I don’t wanna let go of my passion for writing.. I’m trying to look at fulfilling my heart’s desire rather than line my pockets for now..

So please, if you like my work, please drop me a comment.. if you hate it, drop me a comment too.. tell me what made you hate it.. and if you love it and you know a good publisher, I’d really appreciate your favour..

I’m also active on Instagram under the handle _yasminkamal_

You can find me at :

Also, check out my published poetry on journal.. I’ve been very much excited about this and am honoured that they chose to showcase my work.. Here are the links to it:


thank you.. 🙂


P/S: All and any works from this blog, this page, and its subsequent links belongs to me unless stated otherwise..

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