Taking Flight

a butterfly set freely within.
Allowed to roam as it wants,
allowed to be as it is,
allowed to simply exist.

It goes far away sometimes,
taking a part of me –
scaring me of its retreating back,
wondering if it’ll ever return –
wondering if it’ll be the same then still.

Waiting patiently,
for a shadow, a glimmer,
standing by that window,
keeping an eye on the door –
was it locked before
or did I latched it unknowingly.

loving this way was a killer –
love, was it real
or did I make believe –
a sudden doubt veiling the truth
that lived for fourteen years already.

I got it bad for you –
so bad, so hard, so rare.
I don’t deny one bit –
I do
but there’s nothing or no one –
ever, besides you
so why bother denying
what has been the truth
for a long time now.

Wanting to get deeper,
wanting to sink in and disappear –
just simply wanting so badly to appear
in everything that touches,
that comes close to you.

Your intellect – a kind of magnitude
untouched, unrivaled
and I, a thirsty, wanton admirer –
your pursuer, your silent desirer..

My eyes all over you,
exposing every inch of your mind.
your body;
discovering more –
getting greedier with time,
wanting more and more.

Thoughts in sync,
growing in hunger at your gaze –
I want to make love to you –
to my other;
to my complete other –
tell me,
do you want me?

I wonder what it would feel like
to be yours completely,
to have you surrender,
to have you yield under me –
to find myself raving mad,
for those agile fingers of yours,
running up and down its course –
mapping me,
charting your territory.

Writing feels so good
but oh, how about you –
would you want all of these
with me –
or should I pack my bags
and leave
before I surrender myself to you?

I want to forget,
I want to forget to be in control –
I want to forget to hold on
to that thin line of sanity
and just lose it –
to wrap myself all over you,
drinking in your sweet, savory taste –
sinking in deep within you,
with no wants of a way out –
just swimming against a current
that eventually leads me to you
and we, hand in hand,
enchanted under the spell
that that lone butterfly had spread
all over us –
a butterfly that returned
with a massive influx of love
that generously spilled all over us,
intoxicating me,
lulling you into me,
into us.

my kind
of poetry.
If I had my own
or sound
or words,
my love would sound
just like this.

Come to me,
love –
take this wanton self of mine
and make me yours –
this butterfly is drenched,
it’s here to stay.
It’s here to love you
forever this way.


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