Rabbit Sweet

Behind her tired eyes
And slightly sad smile
Was a beautiful woman
Waiting to be discovered.

She spent her days
Working ’till she dropped.
Yet even through all the adversity
She shined brightly still.

Her sad smile
Hid her pain and longings.
Yet her eyes told her story
For those who bothered to see.

Her slim, agile fingers
Were covered with bruises.
And even with all those scars
Her touches and voice were always gentle.

Her hair often shielded her
Covering her face from the world.
Despite that, she accepted everyone
Even when she desperately wanted to shy away.

Her tough and strong physique
Was often ridiculed by many.
Yet those who were careless with words
Were oblivious to the times she shouldered their weight.

Here’s to the girl
Who smiled as sweet as candy.
Here’s to the woman she’s become
For she has bloomed beautifully.


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