Sucker Punch

The breath got
knocked out of me
and sweat dripped
down my back.
I knew then
trouble approached;
I knew then
she had sucker punched me.

She sneaked in past
my defences
deep – so deep within
she had rooted herself.
And now every heartbeat
resonates her name
like a mantra,
every beat increasing
in strength.

And she fed on me;
she fed on my love.
I lavished it out;
poured it all for her.
I lapped it all;
licked clean the attention she gave.
I’d have waded through hell
just to get a glimpse of her smile.

Suddenly she pulled the plug,
kicked me out to the curb.
The coldness that descended
froze every cell within me.
And in that darkness I wondered
what went wrong.
Belatedly I knew it was me;
it was always me all along.

There I stood
drenched in rain.
Lost without her,
drowning in pain.
Her name still resonates
like a beacon within me.
Yet I am lost and empty;
snuffed out of life without her with me.


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