Separate Paths

We found each other
after years apart.
We have evolved now –
two completely different people.

Yet despite our changes
our core remains the same.
We recognised each other easily
despite the passing years.

Two lost souls,
two different paths.
We met in the middle
and chose a detour instead.

We took a step back
and rediscovered each other.
We liked what we saw back then
and grew attached to one another.

And then life resumed
and chaos ensured.
Now you want to move forward
and away from what’s now familiar.

On your path you returned
moving forward as fast as you can.
And onto my path I resumed once again
mirroring your moves, hoping to catch up.

Though further and further away you go
I trudged furiously, following you.
Stubbornly refusing to give up
for I know this could be true for sure.


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