For Kenshin ~ FanFic

A fanfic for Rurouni Kenshin OVA [RECOLLECTION] ~ in the voice of Tomoe, for Kenshin


I never realized that my love for him ran deep,
I started falling for him and couldn’t get a grip.
He’s an assassin- the one who robbed me of my true love,
so why do I have this urge to shower him with my own sweet love? 

The boy still lived inside the man,
the mind and the heart of Shinta lurks in the body of Kenshin.
The boy yields a sword like a man to protect his plans,
the plan to protect innocents from the hands of the Tokugawa clans.

I seek revenge for my beloved,
I seek to kill the assassin whom I thought was cold-blooded.
But I saw the boy suffering inside the man,
I wanted to help him so badly that my heart cried out in pain.

I once told Kenshin that he made the rain filled with blood,
but I decided then that I didn’t want it to become a bloody flood.
I was actually planning to have him assassinated,
but I guess me falling in love with him was already fated.

It hurt my heart to watch his blood drip on the snow,
I couldn’t and wouldn’t stop my tears when it started to flow.
Though he knew I had deceived him- he came to save me,
the cross that I carved on his cheek with my last breath is the proof of our love.

The last unspoken words and thoughts of Tomoe before she died in the arms of Kenshin


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