Nauseating Path

Teenage angst at its finest ~ what happens when you keep shoving your ideology down your children’s throats; eventually they lose hope and their want for a future..


You pretend that you understood
all my miserable feelings.
But you know nothing of the pain I had withstood,
cause you never felt anything.

The words I wrote in vain
you believed so easily.
The words I said in pain,
you pushed them aside and called me silly.

I put in effort and worked so hard,
waiting for you to approve and say its fine.
But you never saw the effort or the blood I had shed,
for you I didn’t seem to worth a dime.

You thought you figured me out head to toe,
but can’t you see that’s all your illusion?
My friends and confidantes became your foes,
my life’s filled with your intrusions.

Sometimes it gets too hard to catch my breath,
as you smother me with your iron grip.
I often wondered when Reaper will take me to my death,
as I’m sure I’ll be free of you seven feet down in the deep.

I hate my life today,
what’s there to love when it’s all artificial?
I wished I could disappear and go far away,
to somewhere where my life’s real.


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