A Willing Gamble ~ An Untitled Chronicle Part 21

Samar kept building the pressure, the pleasure within Anna. She wanted to make Anna breathless with need, breathless with love.


Climbing onto the bed slowly, still ensuring that their bodies didn’t brush each other’s, Samar kissed her once again –  yet after having to watch Samar from afar, Anna was having none of it – she circled her hands around Samar’s neck and brought their bodies closer.

Warm bodies touching for the first time, the intensity of the heat that their bodies generated was too much for them. Hot electric coursed through, bringing out moans of pleasure from the both of them. The kiss grew urgent all of a sudden; desperation fuelling them, passion ignited the moment their lips met minutes ago. Samar couldn’t get her thoughts straight; she knew she had to – she needed to. She didn’t want Anna’s first time to be gone in minutes.

Putting her hands on Anna’s shoulders, she gently nudged her away.

“Slow down a little, Anna. I want to savour you. Let me look at you more.”


Swallowing her protests, Anna bit on the back of her hand when Samar bend down and began licking her nipples. The sensation that each flick of her tongue was causing was brand new to Anna; she felt heat gathering at the pits of her belly and a primal need to answer Samar’s touches. She was well aware that Samar was watching her every reactions; she wanted to control her expressions yet she couldn’t help it; she knew what kind of expression she had on her face yet she could do nothing about it. The sensations that Samar was causing her to feel were too much to bear; she was beginning to thrash on the bed.

Despite Anna’s reactions, Samar’s hand gently massaged the other breast, tugging softly at the other nipple; rolling the bud with her fingers. Anna’s moans were getting louder with each tug, with each lick, with each suck of the nipple and still Samar didn’t want to release her. Her unique flavour lingered on Samar’s tongue; it had a kind of addictive taste that Samar couldn’t simply get enough of. Tracing the outline of each nipple with her tongue, Samar rolled them between her teeth, nipping just hard enough on the brink of pleasure and pain.

The release came all of a sudden; her cries of pleasure rang out loud, taking her by surprise at the sudden intensity of it. Her body shook violently as the waves of pleasure ran up the course of her body, causing her to buckle against Samar as Samar gathered her in her arms, holding Anna in place as she waited for it to subside.


“What was … that was … Samar …”


Smiling at the still panting Anna, Samar stroked her hair for a few minutes, waiting for Anna’s tremors to subside before slowly releasing her to continue her exploration downwards.


“You’ve got to be joking, right?” Anna asked, disbelief clear and loud in her voice.

Hovering above her stomach, Samar lifted her gaze to look at her. “You want me to stop?” she asked. Catching the heavy glint of desire still lingering behind Samar’s eyes, Anna swallowed noticeably and shook her head.

“N – no; go on.”


Her eyes held Anna’s for a few more seconds before she moved lower, still trailing kisses as she went. The throbbing below had subsided slightly yet Anna could still feel the heat from Samar’s mouth all over her body. It was as if Samar’s kisses were indeed leaving marks on her; invisible marks that were spreading fire all over her.

She realised Samar’s intentions a moment too late; Samar’s tongue was already tracing her wet velvet, probing deeper into her folds. Not bothering to mask her reactions anymore, she took a big hold of Samar’s hair, gripping them tight in her fists. Instinctively, she was guiding Samar towards her pleasure spots – though Samar was sure that Anna didn’t realise what she was doing. Licking her clit, she slowly inserted her finger into Anna; putting in one, then two at the same moment. She could feel Anna tightening around her and knew from the way Anna was pulling her in that she was at her limit.

Having her clit played with simultaneously when her g-spot was being teased caused another orgasm to rip through her. Anna’s mind went completely blank; she couldn’t think of anything anymore. She was vaguely aware of Samar’s tongue licking her down below yet her limbs felt as if they had melted somewhere during the last few minutes; her body felt heavy all of a sudden.

Samar knelt in between Anna’s legs then; lifting up Anna’s right leg as she moved her body closer. Keeping her eyes locked on Anna’s, she inched forward until their bodies were fused together.


Her eyes rounding in shock, Anna could only lay back and watch as Samar rubbed her body on hers. Feeling Samar’s damp mound brushing and then pounding on hers with enough pressure to create pleasure brought different kind of sensations than what she had felt before. While everything Samar did previously stimulated and pleasured her in ways that she had never felt before, their current position had a kind of intimacy that brought tears to her eyes.

Everything Samar did before was to pleasure her; this time, Anna could see that the act that they were doing was pleasuring Samar too. Though her knowledge of sex and intimacy was very limited, seeing Samar making erotic faces was a turn on; Anna wanted to make her feel good too. Copying Samar’s movement, she began to move her hips in accordance to the pace that Samar had set.


“No, Anna … don’t move.”

“I want to pleasure you too.”

“Don’t move … I’m going out of my mind; you’re making me lose control.”


Rising, moving forward a little, Anna reached out to stroke Samar’s cheeks, causing the older woman to gasp in shock. A long time had passed since someone had touched her gently as Anna was at the moment. All her clients were greedy and hungry for her; none had lasted in bed past half an hour. They would grope her breasts roughly, bruising her as they went on seeking pleasure and release; none had cared to treat her like the woman that she was.

Yet that was how Anna was touching her – with a kind of gentle love that was simply coating her with sugar. Her hands went below, gently cupping Samar’s breasts as she rubbed Samar’s nipples with her thumbs. Moaning, Samar lowered herself forward, kissing Anna while their bodies moved against each other. Samar thought she was past all of this; she thought she didn’t need this kind of gentleness from anyone anymore. Receiving it now, from someone that she knew meant it genuinely, filled her with so much of love; she was so full that she was surprised that it didn’t burst out from her yet.


“Anna, I’m about to … God, you’re killing me! Stop rubbing them!”

“I want to please you as well. I wanted to touch you, remember? Let me, my darling. Let me have more of you.”


At her limit, Samar pushed Anna roughly onto her back, straddling her as she locked Anna in position with her legs. Samar increased her pressure onto Anna, peaking with the climax violently, kissing Anna hard and long as her body convulsed with the spasm rocking through them still. Their moans spilling out from the kiss, they wrapped themselves in each other’s arms, waiting for their bodies to go still; waiting for their heart to stop pounding hard as it was at the moment.




Lying still, with heat seeping through them, Samar was sure that they were simply glowing as an aftermath of what had transpired moments ago. Easing her hold on Anna, Samar leaned back to study her lover.


“Are you alright? Did I hurt you anywhere?”

“No, I’m fine. I don’t feel any sort of pain at all.”


Samar studied Anna’s body, taking in the hickeys that she had greedily left when she was delirious during their lovemaking session. Belatedly realising that she was naked and completely wrapped around Samar, Anna reached out frantically for the bedcover that pooled at their feet, tugging them hard to cover their exposed bodies before hiding her overheated face under it as well.

Laughing, Samar pulled the bedcover off from her face.


“Why are you hiding your face?”

“It’s embarrassing,” Anna said, trying to pry free the bedcover from Samar’s grasp.

“There you go again with that word.” Leaning closer to Anna’s ears, she whispered, “Weren’t you embarrassed when you was fondling, stroking my breasts?”


Turning bright red, Anna tried to pry Samar’s fingers off from the covers, yet Samar simply pulled her close, hugging her tight, cradling her face in her hands.


“I love you.”


Samar watched as Anna’s eyes grew large with stunned pleasure. She had felt the words lodge up in her throat when she climaxed moments ago yet she couldn’t bring herself to say it as other emotions were choking up on her as well then. At the moment however, with their bodies light and both hearts and minds clear, Samar felt confident in saying those words; the very words she had vowed to never repeat again.


“I love you, Anna. No regrets, no secrets, no games; just the plain truth.”

“Samar…” she couldn’t stop the tears from falling out. The joy that she had felt moments ago was nothing compared to how she was feeling at the moment. “I love you too, Samar. I really love you so much! I’m crazy about you!”


Anna hugged her tightly, hiding her face on the curve of Samar’s neck as the tears fell freely from her eyes. Unable to control herself, she sobbed into Samar’s arms, taking comfort in her lover’s warmth, with her lover’s hands gently caressing her back. It felt like an eternity later when her tears finally subsided; she felt oddly emptied out and light as if she was no longer carrying a burden on her shoulders.


“Come with me,” she said, untangling herself from Samar’s arms. “Let’s find my family together.”


“Wait – just wait. Hear me out, please.”

“Alright, go on. I’m listening.”

“We’ll ask Patrick to answer to the ‘Missing Person’s’ advert so that he can contact my family or whoever they’ve sent out to look for me. Once they get here, I’d tell them that I have no recollection of my past and that you’re the only one I believe in. They would have to take you with me or else I won’t be leaving with them.”

“Blackmailing, Anna?” Samar shook her head. “You’re beginning to scare me a little. What if they don’t play according to your rules?”

“If it doesn’t work out, we’ll ask Patrick to help us escape from them. I’m sure he has a lot of connections everywhere; I mean, he did find them in the first place with nothing as a clue except for my name.”

“What makes you think he’d help you?”

“He might not help me, but I’m sure he’d help if it’s for you.” When Samar continued to stare at her, she added on, “Come on, it’s obvious to see that he likes Madam. He always listens to whatever she’s saying; he follows her orders as well. If she asked him to help you, and I’m sure she will, surely he would aid us if we needed him to.”

“You seem to have thought this through.”

“I haven’t, to be honest. It just suddenly came to me. I want to be with you, Samar,” Anna said, taking Samar’s hands into hers. “I want to spend my life with you. We can’t be here for long; I won’t be able to sit back and watch you entertain men for money – especially now that I know what you’d be doing with them. I can’t imagine you, the way you were moments ago, in the arms of someone who isn’t me, doing all those things with someone either than me.”

“It’s not like that with others, Anna. It was different with you. I had touched you with love, as you had, with me. No one else had touched me that way before – nor have I with someone else.”

“It doesn’t matter if there’s love or not. I can’t allow you to do this anymore. If we get away from here, I’d rather we work for my family, or we live alone, just the two of us and work our way up. Anything is fine with me as long as I am with you and as long as you’re not doing this anymore. I’m not going to let anyone touch you the way I did anymore.”


Samar couldn’t help but laugh at the innocence of her words.


“That’s pretty … protective of you,” she teased Anna as she laughed.

“I have to be if I want to be exclusive with my partner.”

“When did you become so matured all of a sudden? You were a kid just less than a day ago.”

“I guess Inness really rubbed on me, in a good way.”

“I really hate the sound of that.”

Laughing, delighted with her, with them, Anna framed Samar’s face with her palms. “Jealous, Samar? She didn’t literally rub on me, the way you did moments ago – the way you will, as I’m sure of it, moments from now; and the way you always will for the rest of my life.”

“God, you sound so corny, like a country girl!”


Anna attacked Samar all of a sudden; tickling her as she straddled her, pinning her on the bed. Laughing, Samar couldn’t counter her attacks; she was easily held down onto the bed; her body still shaking with mirth.


“It’s this corny country girl that has this big house elite pinned beneath her – hopelessly in love with me. The magnificent Samar, lioness and second in command, turned into a domestic cat by a vagabond bumpkin!”

“I hate this; I don’t like the confident you. Bring back that docile looking Anna; the submissive one; the one that was always listening to my every word.”

“My love,” Anna whispered the words softly, lifting Samar’s hand to her lips. “I’m always ready to submit to you,” she said as she kissed the hand that she held. “There’s no one else that I’d listen to.”


Feeling warm and radiant, Samar couldn’t help but be swayed with Anna’s words. In honesty, she was actually tired of working at the brothel house. She was tired of spreading her legs when she knew she could be someone else; someone with a better life. She had made a name for herself before the incident – so why couldn’t she do it again?

She lacked a purpose to live, a purpose to live a decent life.

She had found one now, in the form of Anna.

She was sure it was a high-stake gamble; losing could cost so much more than money and injured pride. She was afraid of losing Anna – staying behind meant that she would definitely lose her. Going with Anna however, offered the slim chance of them finding a kind of happiness together.


A kind of happiness that she was willing to gamble, if it was by Anna’s side.


She was deeply in love once again, and this time around, it isn’t one sided, nor does the other party intend to simply relinquish her easily. Someone was willing to fight for her for once; it wasn’t fair if she sat on the sidelines and did nothing. She wanted this relationship to work as well. She didn’t want to experience another heartbreak, especially when the love she had this time around was stronger than what she had experienced beforehand.


Sighing deeply, she gazed into Anna’s eyes.


“Alright, Anna. I’ll talk to Madam in the morning and discuss your plans with her. If she agrees to it, then I’ll leave with you and take you home – whatever happens, we’re in this together, okay?”


Somehow, she knew deep down that it wouldn’t work out with Anna’s family. Based on what Patrick had said, she knew that Anna’s family were big money-makers that wouldn’t want their only daughter to be spending time hanging around with a lesbian prostitute (even if she becomes an ex-prostitute by then). They had no clear future together; everything was still in doubt – everything was still in the shade.

Samar also knew that Anna was another variable; once her memories returned, she might remember her old love or move on to something or someone better. Samar would be unwanted then. Samar was always going to be a temporary character in Anna’s life; that was what she truly believed. All of these should worry her so much yet, at the moment, all she could think of was the warmth that was slowly seeping into her from their tangled legs and tightly wrapped arms. She didn’t want to think anywhere further than right now; she was done thinking of the future, running after it desperately to an extent of forgetting to live in the present.

Regardless of the uncertainties that awaited them, Samar wanted to make memories that were worth keeping for the rest of her life. She wanted to erase her painful past; having memories of Anna colour those bleak moments didn’t seem to be such a bad idea at all.


“I love you, Anna. I’ll be with you for as long as you need me.”






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