Progress ~ an Untitled Chronicle Part 14

After hearing the story about Karmen and Inness, Anna found herself bothered about the whole thing – more so with Samar’s involvement in helping Karmen in becoming an elite there at the brothel house. Her anxiety had over-exhausted herself to a point that she had fallen ill. 


Samar stood in front of Anna’s room, her hand hovering above the door knob. She was feeling hesitant – whether she should check on Anna or leave her sulking still. Ever since she heard Karmen’s story, Anna had fallen ill and had locked herself up in her room. Samar would have continued ignoring her had not Karmen made it known that Anna hasn’t been eating since she fell sick.

Sighing, she stared at the door separating the two of them. She didn’t understand the turn of events – or she did, but wished that she didn’t instead.

Not bothering to knock, she turned the door knob and strolled into the room.

Anna was lying sideways on her bed; her back was against the wall. Studying her, Samar could see the steady rise and fall of her chest – she was fast asleep and oblivious to Samar’s presence. Approaching her softly, Samar gently laid her palm on Anna’s forehead, intending to check on Anna’s temperature. Anna eyes flew open suddenly then, startling the both of them.


“What are you doing here?” Anna asked, her voice thick with sleep still.

“Karmen said you weren’t feeling well so I came to check on you. I can’t have you dying on me now, can I? It’ll make everything I’ve done up until now go to waste then.”


Anna nodded, trying to hide her disappointment. She would have liked for Samar to show at least a little bit of concern for her. The past few days kept flashing in her mind; starting from that night in Iman’s room and ending with that evening with Karmen in the kitchen. Everything that had transpired had shown her sides of Samar that she did not know existed – the human side that she had come to love as well, yet at the same time, it had also increased her insecurities.

Karmen’s story only made her feelings become more concrete than it was previously. Though Karmen’s admission that Samar had helped train her in becoming an elite was shocking for her – the images conjured by that knowledge left her seething in jealousy and hurt – at the same time, it made her realise the depth that was Samar. The other elites that she had spoken to up until then lacked that; their reasoning was important and meaningful for them yet while it once was such, they now approached the job just as that – a job that needed to be done.

It made her curiosity grew even more – she wanted to know Samar’s story.


“Where’ve you gone to?” Samar asked, interrupting her train of thought as she sat near Anna’s foot.

“I want to know your story,” she blurted out.


Samar stared at her, shaking her head slightly.


“You’ll never learn your lesson, huh?”

“I won’t tell anyone – I swear. I want – no, I need to know.”


Samar lifted her brows at her, partially exasperated at her persistent questioning yet equally amused by her balls. She noticed then that Anna was perspiring heavily, despite the coldness of the air-conditioning that was switched on.


“How sick are you? Your clothes and bed are damp with your sweat.”

“I … don’t know. I feel so heavy though as if I can’t move.”

“Have you had your shower?”


Anna looked at her sheepishly.


“I haven’t left the bed since I got into it.”

“What?” Samar asked, growing livid. “You’re seriously ill and all you could think about previously was about wanting to know my story? What’s wrong with you? Why didn’t you tell to Karmen when she came to pass you the food yesterday?”

“I was just so tired. I just wanted to sleep – even now, I just want to shut my eyes and go back to sleeping.”

“No, we’re not going to do that. You’re getting a shower; you have to wash all the dirt and sweat away or else you’ll just become worse. And if there aren’t any changes by the end of the day, I’m taking you to see a doctor tomorrow.”

“But Samar, I’m tired. I really just want to sleep in. I can barely move to change my positions; I don’t think I’m able to stand for long.”


Samar was starting to become more worried about Anna’s condition. It was unnatural for someone to go on sleeping for three days straight without moving from the bed. She could see the deep patches of sweat stains on the bedsheet – she started imagining all kinds of bacteria looming around them from Anna’s lack of proper hygiene.


“Come, I’ll help you,” she said as she moved forward to pull Anna from her bed.

“What – no, please don’t!”

“Don’t be silly; we need to get you clean. You’re all sticky and smelly.”

“But … I don’t want you to see me naked.”


That stopped her in her tracks. She stood there, momentarily thrown off balance with Anna’s admission. She didn’t think of it at all – working here, looking at other women’s bodies were something that she was so used to that it no longer bothered her. She could see why it would bother Anna, seeing as Anna wasn’t used to such a thing – especially since she was Anna’s object of attraction.


“We can’t help it,” she said, gently, trying to quell Anna’s uneasiness away. “You’re sick at the moment, so I think it’s best for you to concentrate on getting better rather than concentrating on unnecessary things.” When Anna continued to look distressed, Samar added, “Do you want me to call someone else to help you?”


Anna gaped at her, shocked with the offer.


“So it doesn’t bother you if someone else saw me naked – if someone else was touching me instead?”


Samar was about to say that it didn’t bother her when suddenly, the image of Iman and Anna kissing came into mind. She found herself boiling with anger all of a sudden and realised that Anna had a point.


“Alright, you win. But since you feel so, then there’s no choice, it’s still me. Try to forget that it’s me helping you if it bothers you so much. We don’t really have a choice. Your health is more important than anything else at the moment.”


Samar helped her onto her feet, gently holding her firmly around her hips. Anna’s body heat felt like a furnace beside her; the heat made Samar utterly uncomfortable. Limping gingerly as her swaying head threatened to pull her down to the ground, Anna leaned against Samar as they made their way to the bathroom. Samar guided her straight to the toilet bowl, helping her to lower herself onto the seat.


“Do your business, alright. I’m sure you don’t want me here then. I’m gonna get a chair so make sure you’re done by the time I come back.” She glanced back as she headed for the door. “Strip,” she commanded before leaving.


Heading back into the room, Samar went through Anna’s closet for a fresh set of change; then as an afterthought, took another set for herself too as she knew she’d get soaked too if she was to help Anna shower. Finding her old sets of clothes neatly folded in Anna’s closet, she smiled a little, mentally reminding herself to make time to take Anna out to buy her own clothes.

Returning to the bathroom with a pair of towels and a chair, Samar was pleased to see Anna brushing her teeth while still sitting on the toilet bowl. She was down to her bra and panties, her sweaty nightwear discarded in a pile beside the door. The faint sound of water filling in the tank told her that Anna had emptied her bladder as instructed. She placed the chair against the wall, just under the shower head and approached Anna.

Guiding her to the chair, Samar helped her to sit before she began unclasping Anna’s bra. Startled, Anna’s hand automatically went up to cover her breasts; her body turning pink all over. She was embarrassed with her nakedness in front of Samar; however, hidden from her sight, Samar took this opportunity to observe her.

She could see the welts on Anna’s back and various other different scars on different parts of her body. Some appeared old while others, especially the ones on her back, appeared as if it had recently healed. Samar wondered about the origins of the scars and worried that the fever might have been from some sort of infection on those unattended wounds. Pushing all her thoughts aside, she crouched in front of Anna, not wanting to bring the topic up just yet. Keeping her eyes on Anna’s face, Samar reached out and pulled Anna’s panties down.

Anna instinctively crossed her knees together; her body temperature rising as Samar’s face was too close to her.


“Your blushing face is too cute,” Samar commented as she dropped the panties onto the pile of clothes – which of course, made her blush even more.


Humming softly under her breath, Samar reached out and turned the shower knob on. Letting the stream of water trickle onto Anna’s back gently, she stood at the back of the chair as she began spreading the water evenly with her hands. She could feel the knotted muscles on Anna’s shoulders as her hands spread over them and so she began massaging her softly, causing Anna to sigh deeply at every release of pain. She was careful to avoid Anna’s scars, making sure her fingers gingerly brush over them as she began to lather Anna’s back with soap.

Her body was vibrating under Samar’s hands; every touch from her left a warm sensation lingering long after she had moved on to other parts of her body. She knew that Samar was merely helping her clean her body, yet she couldn’t stop herself from reacting to Samar’s touches. Samar’s hands were gentle on her, which made it even harder for her to ignore. When Samar’s hands went over her breasts, rubbing her nipples as she went under them, Anna couldn’t suppress it in time; she moaned out loud.

Gasping with embarrassment, her hands went automatically to cover her mouth.


“My, are you enjoying this?” Samar asked huskily as she moved forward to face Anna.


Anna could feel the heat traveling up her body, settling onto her cheeks. Not trusting herself to wave it off jokingly, Anna remained quiet. Seeing the truth in Anna’s eyes, Samar wanted to tease Anna even more. Grinning softly as she pumped the shower cream onto her palms, Samar rubbed them together before returning to lather them over Anna’s breasts once more.

Not knowing that Samar was doing it on purpose, Anna sat rigidly on the chair, not daring to move in case that set off another reaction from her. Her hands were gripping at the sides of the chair; her eyes level with Samar’s bent head. Samar’s hands circled her bosoms, her fingers trailed excruciatingly slow on her skin; tugging on her nipples all of a sudden. She could feel the dampness down below; she could feel the tug of response to Samar’s touches deep within.

Her eyes made contact with Samar’s then. She was shocked when she noticed the glint of mischief in Samar’s eyes and a matching grin on her lips. Furious with Samar, frustrated with her own self, she reached out to tug onto Samar’s t-shirt; giving it a hard yank, she brought Samar close to her, meeting her lips with hers.

With the last kiss they shared still playing in her mind, Anna re-acted Samar’s lessons this time around. Pouring her frustrations, her desires, and her affections into it, Anna prayed for her feelings to be conveyed to Samar. Ignoring her condition and her surroundings, she pulled Samar closer; her hand creeping up to cup Samar’s cheek as the other moved to circle around Samar’s neck.

Taken by surprise, Samar wasn’t sure as to how to react. Realising that Anna was getting soap all over her, she wanted to pull back; yet, Anna’s frustration and desires were leaking out, drenching her with their intensity; she could do nothing but hold on as the onslaught of Anna’s lips and tongue continued on hers. Tongues entangled, fingers lost in each other’s hair, drenched from the pouring water, Samar relinquished her control temporarily; allowing Anna to claim her lips completely.

Samar’s knees were weak and wobbly when Anna finally ended the kiss. Glancing down at her body, she could see the soap patches on her clothes. Panting with the intensity of the kiss still, she lifted her brows at Anna, feeling slightly exasperated.


“Sorry,” Anna said, not daring to look at Samar’s face.


Pouring oil into fire, Samar slowly stripped her soaked clothes – not wanting the soapy water to make contact with her skin. Oblivious at first to what she was doing, Anna glanced up just in time to see Samar pull down her pants.


“What are you doing?” she asked, completely taken aback with what she was witnessing but unable to tear her gaze away nonetheless.

“My clothes are soaked thanks to you. Of course, I’d need to remove them. I’ll get sick if I move around wearing wet clothes.”


Underneath, she wore a black tank top and matching boxers-like panties, and though she wasn’t naked, the sight of her in black undergarments was too much for Anna’s system. As Samar continued lathering soap on Anna as if nothing had happened, Anna began to squirm just as Samar was about to move on to her legs.


“I can put them on my legs myself.”

“Huh? What difference does it make?” Samar asked, curious.

“It does make a whole lot of difference. I don’t want you touching ….”

“Touching where exactly?”


Anna turned scarlet under Samar’s gaze.


“Nowhere. Hand me the shower cream; I’ll finish up here.”


Smiling a little, Samar passed her the shower cream, knowing well which area Anna didn’t want her to touch.


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