Sisters’ Love ~ An Untitled Chronicle Part 12

Anna was still in the kitchen with Karmen, listening to her story about Inness, the street sex worker. 


Hearing the door next to hers unlock, Inness rushed out of her room just in time to see her sister’s room door shut close. Not giving a care in the world for her privacy, Inness rushed out and pushed her sister’s door open, catching her sister off-guard in the midst of undressing. Clad in her lacy bra, still holding onto her t-shirt, and wearing her unbuttoned jeans, her sister stared at her in surprise.

“You’re back!” Inness exclaimed as she launched herself onto her sister, knocking the t-shirt off from her hands as she moved to embrace Inness.

Laughing, she patted Inness’ back as she swayed in the embrace. “Yes, I’m back for the weekends, kiddo. Now let me off; I’m sticky. I need a shower.”


Letting go of her sister, Inness took a step back to study her.


“You seem different somehow.”

“Different how?”

“I don’t know – something’s different about you.”

“Don’t make me feel odd in my undies in front of you. Don’t you know how insecure college students are with their naked bodies?” her sister joked.

“Come on, you know that’s not what I mean. Plus I’ve always thought you had a sexy body.”


Blushing, her sister picked the discarded t-shirt and threw it at her.


“Coming from my baby sister, I can’t say I’m thrilled to hear that!” she said exasperatedly. “Get out; I’m gonna take a shower.”

“I’ll wait then – it’s been ages since we spent the nights together. I missed you.”


Sighing, her sister approached her.


“Look, Inness; I know it’s been difficult for you, but this is for you too, you know. You’re too attached to me, so much that you hardly have any friends at school. You keep searching for me all the time, to an extent it feels like you’re not living your own life.”

“But I am!”

“You should be spending less time with me and more time with your friends, especially boys. You’ll be finishing high school in no time and then you’ll be entering college as well. You won’t get back your youth, you know.”

“So you mean to say you spent your high school life with boys too?” Inness asked, her voice oddly soft.


Blushing, her sister laughed at her a little.


“How could I, when my baby sister kept hanging around me?” she asked dryly. “All potential suitors that were sniffing around my ankles were either worried or interested in you as well. It was weird, so I rejected them. Of course, I’m rectifying things right now,” she ended with a wink.

“Rectifying … you mean to say you’re dating someone right now?”

“Yes. Oh, don’t tell mum and dad,” she added hurriedly. “I don’t want them to get worried.”

“Have you done it then?” Inness asked, ignoring her sister’s request.

“Done … oh, you mean … no, not yet. I’m actually planning on going over to his place on Sunday morning and then leave for college from his place. Maybe we would then; I’m not sure.”

“Then you lied!” Inness exclaimed, her anger building fast within her.

“What? Hey, what’s wrong? What did I lie about?” dumbfounded, her sister moved to approach her, reaching for her hands.


Inness moved out of the way, not wanting to be touched all of a sudden.


“You said you’ll be staying for the weekend yet now you’re changing your mind, saying you’re going over to his place. I bet you came back because you wanted to go over to his place, and not because you wanted to see me.”

“Inness … why … what’s wrong? I don’t understand where all this anger is coming from.”


They were standing apart, facing each other like two boxers in a ring; her face gray with suppressed anger while her sister’s was one full of confusion and concern.

Letting out a loud sigh, she moved to approach her sister.


“You were right; I won’t be getting back my youth, so I better do something about it,” she said as she grabbed her sister’s hands and tugged her forward.


Her sister’s frail body simply fell into her arms, and for a moment, she had a sudden thought on how natural it seemed to hold her sister in such a way; as if her body did fit perfectly in her arms. And then all thoughts abandoned her, leaving her mind completely blank for a moment when she brought their lips together.

She felt the jolt of shock rocking through her sister’s body shortly before she began pushing against Inness’ hold yet Inness wasn’t budging. She wasn’t about to let her sister go that easily. Inness’ lips were persistent on hers, and no matter how hard she pushed against the hold that kept her captive, she couldn’t get Inness to release her.

She was shocked by this sudden violation of her body, even more so when it was coming from the hands of the baby sister that she had loved and cherished since young. Feeling Inness’ lips move on hers as her helpless hands were trapped in between their bodies filled her with various kinds of unidentified emotions; she was afraid of Inness; she was also afraid of her own reaction. She was struggling with her jumbled-up thoughts, with her warring emotions.


Inness was savouring this; she was savouring the feel of her sister’s body against hers. Holding tight, she angled her body weight as she pushed her sister onto the bed. Still trapping her sister’s hands between their bodies and holding her sister’s lips captive, her hands began their exploration. The fact that there were no barriers that kept her hands from meeting her sister’s flesh pleasured her; just moving her hands all over her sister’s body, stroking and cupping her breasts over the lacy bra that her sister wore turned her on immensely.

Moaning, her sister became limp all of a sudden, causing Inness  to break the kiss to check on her.


“Why are you doing this?” her sister asked the moment the kiss was broken.

“Because I love you – more than a sister.”

“You’re talking nonsense!” she exclaimed, pushing at Inness once more. “There’s no way we can ever be what you want to be!”

“I don’t care,” she said as she moved to secure her sister under her completely. “You told me that I’ll never get my youth back, so I’m going to do what I can to have you first – before you taint yourself with his hands.”

“Inness … please, I beg you. Stop this!”

“Hush, my love. I’ll be gentle with you, I promise.”


True to her words, Inness was indeed gentle with her sister, though that of course did not make things right anymore. She allowed Inness to do whatever she wanted to do to her, lying rigidly on the bed at first. Yet as Inness’ touches intensified, as her kisses multiplied, as her fingers moved to discover and claim all her untouched skin, she found herself responding to Inness’ passion with her own. For a moment, she had forgotten that Inness was her sister; that night, they made love without caring for labels. They were simply lovers wrapped in each other’s arms until the break of dawn.

And when the realisation hit home, when her sister realised the despicable act that she had unknowingly encouraged Inness to do and had in fact enjoyed, it filled her with a kind of dread. She felt tainted all of a sudden, even though if she was to be completely truthful, she hated nothing of what happened that night – Inness had shown her the depth of innocent love that she had for her, which was why she wanted more now.

Disgusted with herself, she left home that morning while Inness was still asleep in a bed still warm from the passion of their lovemaking.


The despair that she felt when she realised that her sister had left home and had no intention to return was overbearing for Inness. Looking around the house that they had lived in, the house that held too many memories of them together – especially the room that they had spent the night together, Inness knew she wouldn’t be able to withstand the separation. She was too in love to even begin thinking of forgetting her sister.

Rather than live on in a house laden with memories that would turn into bitter poison with time, Inness decided to leave her house – to quit school and move far away from their hometown, with hopes that she would never meet her sister once again. The love that she had, that she thought was her whole world, never had the chance to see daylight; it never had the chance to live, not even for a while.



I don’t think I need this disclaimer necessarily yet I’m putting here just in case. This is, of course, a work of fiction, and so any elements of it are the fruit of an abstract imagination.


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