Just Kill Me Already

Pic Credit: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-imh3G76U8uY/UY_Fnv02w2I/AAAAAAAAK-U/zJ4EOsXY5-o/s1600/fear_of_drowning_by_starfishyy-d5cqnvk.png
Pic Credit: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-imh3G76U8uY/UY_Fnv02w2I/AAAAAAAAK-U/zJ4EOsXY5-o/s1600/fear_of_drowning_by_starfishyy-d5cqnvk.png


Go on and leave,

Don’t turn back now.

Don’t make me catch you looking,

Hoping for me to crawl to you, crying.

Don’t –

Don’t create hopes and openings,

Don’t do this to the both of us

If you have no solid footing.


Let’s not mess around,

Bury me now –

Dig that hole deep underground,

Let me see no light,

Let me have no air.


Drown me deep under,

Weight me down with that brick heart of yours.

I have no use for it anymore –

I have no use anymore.


Leave me lying there,

Broken and drenched in my own blood –


Watch as the life disappears from my eyes,

Watch as the breath dissipates from me,

Watch as everything you inflicted on me

Robs me of my everything.


Leave me now,

Go on,

Ride that morning bus to nowhere –

Just don’t be here,

Don’t cry at my funeral,

Don’t lay flowers on my grave.


Leave me now

As dead as I already am

When you took your love away.


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