Vivid Dreams on Canvas

Pic Credit : Nantanaa Mutharasu
Pic Credit : Nantanaa Mutharasu


The sky turns a different shade,
leaving vivid imprints
as the colour dances,
leaving me entranced..
And the cotton clouds
hugs the mountains at its bosoms,
bringing close,
surrounding it in its merriment..

The spill of your kisses
drizzles upon me
softly like snowflakes –
the white fluff it leaves
marking your purity,
and my innocence..

Basking by the riverside,
beneath me you move,
like molten copper
sizzling onto me,
into me..
I was burned alive, in heat,
yet I melted into a puddle –
embedded deep,
you turn me into a boiling liquid
that burnt us both..

Your laughter
the pure delight etched on your face,
tasted like honeysuckle,
you’re an intoxicating saccharine –
a narcotic that I should be wary of,
but oh, how delicious you taste,
how beautiful you made me feel
with just those touches of yours..


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