What Brought it On ~ An Untitled Chronicle Part 10

As Anna’s tears and pleas vibrated through the room, she was transported back to where it all began – this burning desire to know what prompted them to be this way. 


Anna followed Samar as Samar took her around the brothel house. She was only showed the rooms that were important to her; three-quarter of the house was still unknown areas to her. Anna was listening to Samar’s explanations half-heartedly. She was beginning to wonder if she had made a mistake by following Samar. After all, Samar was completely a stranger to her; how could she simply believe someone she had just met? Logic was beginning to kick in yet she had a bad feeling that she might have chosen a wrong door and was now trapped.

It was true that she had awakened on the streets without any recollection of her memory, conveniently with only her identification card with her. What she did not disclose to Samar was that she was also covered in open wounds. While the ones on her face left faint scars, the one on her body was still hurting from the lack of air and dryness. She was slightly afraid that the wounds would be infected or worse, bleed again yet at the same time, she was also worried that her condition would cause everyone to be on alert.


The last thing she wanted was to draw more attention to her at this place. Little did she know, she was already getting attention from Madam Ahjunta thanks to the fact that she was rescued by Samar.


She was tracking mud all over the floorboards but she doubted Samar knew that. Samar seemed different in these four walls as opposed to the woman she saw out on the alleyways hours ago. Samar was leading her to her room now, and Anna was filled with a kind of anxious anticipation; her new safe house, was it a sanctuary or a kind of prison?


Pushing open the door, Samar gestured towards her, “This will be your room from today onwards.”


Anna stepped in. The room looked spacious and comfy to her though she felt that any room would have brought the same feeling as her previous bedding arrangements involved solid concrete and the stench of the sidewalk. Anything that involved an actual bed and pillow was a luxury to her. The room had a single bed, an attached bathroom, and a small dresser. She suddenly felt awkward and out of place, like a pauper lost in a jewelry store.


“Oh, you don’t have any clothes to wear now, do you? Come on, follow me. I’ll set you up with some for starters.”


Samar took her into another room which was just opposite from where they were before and walked straight into the closet, leaving Anna to stand beside the bed awkwardly. Coming out a few minutes later with a handful of clothes, Samar dumped them on the bed before sorting them out carefully.


“These are some of my T-shirts and shorts. You look like you could fit into them so let’s try.”


She approached Anna and held the t-shirt against Anna’s back, measuring the t-shirt according to Anna’s size. Anna could feel the brush of her fingers against her bare neck and all of a sudden, a cold shiver ran up her back. She felt flushed and hot; her skin tingling at the parts that Samar had unintentionally touched.


“Hmm… Looks like these would fit you well. The problem is the bra though; I’m more developed in that department than you are.”


Anna turned scarlet instantaneously. Noticing her crimson look, Samar began to laugh.


“I didn’t mean to offend you or anything. I’m just saying that it’s a problem. Maybe you can try wearing my sports bra. They’re meant to snuggle around you anyways so maybe it can fit without making you feel unsupported.”


Going back into the closet, she came back out with a couple of sports bra and panties.


“Those are granny panties so you gotta make do. Don’t think you’d wanna wear the kind that I wear for my job now, do you?” Samar joked, fishing out a thong and stretching them like an elastic band.


The sheer volume of clothing that made up for the thong made Anna turn crimson once again. What was the point in wearing them anyways? Samar might as well go commando – the thong did not look like it would cover up anything that was meant to be covered up.


“You’re quite easy to read once you’ve let your guard down.”


Anna blinked in shock; she did not even notice that she had lowered her guard down. When did that happen – and why? Was being around Samar so comfortable that she had lost all her doubts and fear?


“Anyways, that’s all for today I guess. I’ll hang a towel on your doorknob later; go take a shower first and scrub your body and hair thoroughly. You smell strongly of the streets. We gotta get the grime off from you first before you can live here. One of these days when I have time, I’ll take you out to buy some clothes of your own.”


Anna nodded and turned to head to her room, to a shower that she had not have for more than a couple of days. To be perfectly honest, she was elated that she could wear Samar’s clothes, even if they were hand-me-downs. Somehow they seemed to possess a kind of warmth she didn’t understand.




It all happened quite accidentally.


Walking around the corridors one night, Anna had somehow lost the way to go back to her room. She had only been there for two days by now hence there were still parts of the house that she was yet to come across, seeing as it was indeed quite a large building that had been merged together.

Slowly making her way up the stairs (for she remembered that her room was on the first floor), she started scanning the hallways first before entering through any door. She did not want to wake anyone up – the other occupants in the house were still quite cold towards her. Obviously, they thought she was an entertainer as well, but she was not. In actuality, she was quite adamant in disliking the job.

Even with her limited memory, she could not understand why someone would pay another to simply just be with them. Maybe she should ask Samar about it someday. Shaking her head, she dismissed that thought; Samar would probably accuse her of trespassing into boggy territory.


She was shaken off her thoughts rudely by a weird noise. Startled, she almost let out a small scream as she was not sure what that noise was and was not keen to confirm if it made by a person or by a paranormal entity. Realising moments later that the noise came from the room nearest to her, she debated internally for a few seconds if she should check it out before curiosity got the better of her. Tiptoeing closer to the door, she kneeled in front of it and peeped through the doorknob.


Days later, she wished she had not done so.


Inside, the room was illuminated with soft lights that seemed to glow around the occupants. The warm blob of lights that came from multiple bulbs that decorated the walls seemed to enhance Samar’s skin, making her semi-naked body glow radiantly against the naked man straddling her on the middle of the bed.

Anna could not take her eyes off of Samar’s body. The top of her dress was pulled down to her waist, revealing two perfect mounds that were sleek with sweat, her pendant nestled in the middle of her collarbones. The hair that she had ardently admired was spread around Samar’s shoulders and for a fleeting moment, Anna wished she could run her fingers through them, messing and spreading them even more. Samar’s fingers were enclosed around his manhood, and though Anna couldn’t see the man’s face as he had his back towards her, she could hear the echoes of his moans clearly.

While Samar was busy stroking his shaft, his hands were roaming her body, gripping her shoulders one moment and groping her breasts next, before sliding up and down her thighs beneath her skirt. Anna felt bile rising up her throat, and as she blinked rapidly while gulping to force it back down, a few droplets of tears made their way down her cheeks. She was stunned for a moment, completely unaware that her eyes were welling up and confused as to why she was feeling utterly miserable with what she was witnessing.


She knew very well the nature of the job was such, however, seeing Samar in such a degrading position made it hard for her to stomach. She wished she hadn’t come across this scene so that she could continue looking at Samar regally. She couldn’t see Samar’s eyes; all she could see was the faint outline of Samar’s face. She was trying her best to imagine that Samar was against this act; even as the thought entered her mind, Samar began to moan too; though it was in pleasure, it sounded hideous to Anna’s ears.

Cringing, nauseated and heartbroken, Anna choked back her tears and silently went back downstairs. She knew where she was now; Samar had shown her these set of rooms earlier on and had informed her that they were off limits to her. She didn’t understand why back then but she understood now. Going back downstairs, she slowly made her way towards her own room; the image of what she had just witnessed still etched clearly on the walls of her mind.




The image flashed clearly in her mind now, pushing at her with a kind of intensity and desperation that would have shaken her to the core if she wasn’t already quacking at the moment. Could it be possible that Samar was faking back then? Jumping out of the bed, Anna pleaded to Samar once again, taking small, shaky steps towards her.


“Please, Samar. Please tell me what just happened between us wasn’t an act.”


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