Hello ~ How are You?

Credit: http://p.fod4.com/p/media/15622856b6/blJcJsQKQjGARx7rLGQg_Whale%20Hello.gif
Credit: http://p.fod4.com/p/media/15622856b6/blJcJsQKQjGARx7rLGQg_Whale%20Hello.gif


I’m going to start off by asking a very simple question.

When was the last time you asked someone “How are You?” and were genuinely interested to know the answer? Do you remember? 


The pace of the outside world is something we can never catch up to no matter how hard we try. The world has been made such that if we mirror out lives to the majority out there, we’ll never find peace; we’ll never fulfill out wishes. We would keep wanting more, dissatisfied with what we have in our hands.

And while wanting more isn’t such a bad thing – by all means, do your best in becoming a better person, a better being – however, the pursuit of ‘more’ can lead a person astray. You’d keep wanting more on a materialistic front and forget about what’s important for the growth and well-being of your soul.


For our soul is the important aspect of our lives – we ultimately answer to it.


In our rush to achieve more, obtain more, we tend to neglect those around us – we tend to forget those that have been with us through all our good and bad times. We forget that these people deserved more from us – not just for us to look out for when we’re in trouble.

Our friends, our loved ones are often there beside us – albeit some silently. So what can we do to acknowledge that? Does taking them out for dinner once in a while payment enough?


That’s where we go wrong.


Despite the way the world is, there are still people out there that are genuinely kind, that genuinely cares about you without wanting anything in return. These people would be satisfied with a simple ‘Thank You’, to be honest.

Because not everyone out there is a user, looking to see what they can leech off of you.

So how do you pay them back in a sense?


By asking ‘How are You?’


It doesn’t have to be asked to the person that you owe gratitude to – it doesn’t have to be to your family, friends or anyone else in your circle. It can be to anyone – as long as you’re asking it genuinely, that you’re interested in the answer.

The number of people who would genuinely care, ask and hear when someone is talking is considerably low – so why don’t you add to that number?

You could influence someone else to behave such as well; after all, how much would you lose by asking this simple question?


So let me start: 
Credit: http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m7ksfwMtWZ1rt3fn2.gif
Credit: http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m7ksfwMtWZ1rt3fn2.gif



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