#MyWritersPoetryPrompt ~ 14th September 2016 ~ Pass

She was running –
pushing herself,
a kind of punishment,
a kind of retribution..

Her mind noisy,
full of chatter,
of never-ending self-doubts –
contaminating her peace of mind
with passing thoughts,
with the rekindling of past memories –
choking her with their invisible fingers,
robbing her of her breath..

Passing by a stream,
she stops and bends over,
gulping air desperately,
trying to grasp the thin line of sanity..
The chirping grabs her attention
and so she turns to watch
the dance of the sparrows –
drinking in the sight of them,
quenching her thirst..

Looking up at the mountain pass,
she wonders
if she wants to reach the peak
or is she simply running around –
with no destination?

The climb would be steep –
running uphill was out of the question
yet she realised all of a sudden
that she wanted to be there,
at the summit –
she had to be there..

She pushes herself onto her feet,
rising with a steady pulse –
mind clear and body ready..
She walks slowly now,
bending once in a while to take a whiff
of the flowers she passes by,
the rhythm of her pulse
and the chirping of the sparrows
a wonderful companion for her trek
along the mountain pass..


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