Justifying Unnecessary Actions

A note from back in 2009 ~ facing certain demons from the past in order to make peace and move forward with a lighter shoulder.


Every drop of blood was a must,
because of you, I became so lost.
The blade sliced my skin so fast,
the scar of it will definitely last.

The blood I dripped will forever be stained,
my sanity is something hard to be maintained.
You’re the cause of all the heartache I sustained,
love from you is still something hard to be obtained.

Happiness obtained from you is something rare,
cause you wouldn’t bother, wouldn’t even try to care.
I had to do something to get your love – as if I had to pay a fare,
I wanted to shout I love you but after all those disappointments, I just don’t dare.

The pain of a cut heals my heart ache,
I don’t know what to do – how to cure my madness for my own sake.
Is happiness something I should forsake?
cause everything thing I do now feels like a mistake.


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