For a Goddess

Something that was inspired by a certain someone. Written on 30th August 2016


If I were to compare you
to a fairytale Princess,
I’d have a hard time doing so
as there’s yet to be one
that can yield a sharp sword
as finely as you –
literally and figuratively.. 

And yet my first encounter with you
was nothing like a fairytale –
it was oh-so-ordinary..
Yet you left a lasting impression,
one that I can’t forget easily..

While I’m sure you’ve heard
a variety of words
referencing your skin tone,
I wonder how many have commented
on those amazing irises of yours?
For truthfully that was what hooked me in first
before I fell for your exotic self –
those big, beautiful eyes
looking into mine,
charming me just with a simple gaze,
evoking chaos within..

For chaos was what I felt,
for chaos was what you left me feeling..

It’s as if you could see my soul
with just a look, a glance..
Wicked thoughts conquer my mind
when your eyes catches mine –
so hard to be ignored
when it’s directed at a being so divine..

While lust definitely grew within
over the passing of the years,
so did my admiration for you
when I finally got a glimpse of your heart..
For I know a very selected few
with hearts as big as yours –
the fact that you have a soft spot
for those with fur
wins me even more..

But darling, you also taught me
how looks can be so deceiving –
that amazing brain of yours
and limitless talent was well hidden from many..
While I never thought lightly of you,
the depth of your expertise
never cease to amaze me..

I wonder how your charm
and that sharp wit of yours
had managed to elude me..

And now that I know what’s within,
I can’t help but wonder –
and wish,
to know more of your being..


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