Poetry Prompts’ Sabbatical


So, I’ve been getting e-mails about the lack of poetry posting this month so I’m writing this to address those e-mails rather than just reply to those who enquired.

I’ve been busy lately with some other projects and my finals. Of course, my education comes first and those projects are linked with my degree programme. For now, I might not attempt the weekly poetry prompts – or might attempt it only if I have time. The prompts are normally posted on Wednesdays, which happens to clash with my other projects and responsibilities so the postings on poetry might be limited after this.

I will still post a poem a day on my Instagram – as long as I have these feelings and these urges within me – which will be for a while more surely.

On another note, in a while, I’ll be posting a new entry – sort of a serialisation of a story under my “The Chronicles of the Urban Girl” tab. The tab has been there for a long time now – so this idea has been circling and being toyed with in my mind. Finally managed to find some quiet time today to write the first two parts. Will be posting the first part in a while.

Please leave me a comment or send me a feedback through my e-mail as usual if you prefer – any sort of feedback is appreciated.




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