A Warrior’s Love


There are hearts out there
as loud as the thunder,
daring to love another
with such a loud voice –
uncaring about the world,
unflinching under those
heavy, judgmental gazes.

These hearts are solid
and sturdy,
unmoving against the torrid conditions
forced upon them –
ready to face adversity,
ready to fight for love.

Cruelty meant nothing
to them – why should it?
The harsh lightning that
threatens to strike them
were merely shows to them –
their thunder boomed louder
A show of light with the
threat of impending death
seems like a child’s play
against their unflinching self.

Those hearts that were
made up of thunder
were used to storms
that raged on without reason
and yet,
even with such a power
at their mere fingertips,
they bow weakly
towards their lover’s will.


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