I was a fool before I met you,

ignorant to the world around me,

taking in only what was necessary..


The world was a place I did not believe in,

an empty shell of promises –

a place many others just like me had decimated..


And so I lived a life of a shell;

hiding all that defined me deep within,

locking it tight

so that it’ll never see the sunlight once again..


And then you came,

a neon blinding light

that simply radiated and pierced

through every inch of me..


And it was no longer possible

to stay shackled as before

as the taste of freedom has become

an addiction somehow..


I’m still a fool

now that I’ve met you,

my breath hitches at the sight of you –

driving me crazy,

losing all senses..


Throwing caution into the drain,

I run straight into your arms as soon as I can..

Our feet tangled, the sheets up to our waists,

my hands searches yours,

seeking your warmth,

seeking your heat..


The euphoria that I found

through the mating of our lips

was more than enough then –

but not so much now..




Here beneath this shady oak tree

I sit and write for you this ridiculous poetry..

And all the lies that I’ve written so far

are merely salve for all those visible scars..


I’m a fool for loving you still,

I’m a fool for doing this to me..

And yet I can’t but scribble poetry

about love that had once lived –

since it only exists in a fading memory..




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