She Coloured My Life


My favourite colour…was purple.. But that was until I met her once again.. I fell in love with pink when she showed me a handbag that she bought, glowing bright, vibrating with joy like a kid on a Christmas day.. It was also the colour of her lips, lighter especially when she smiled.. Then there was midnight blue – her sleek car, one she was so proud of driving.. It was also one of her favourite colours..

And then for a very long time it was red, with a tinge of pink.. The colour of her heartbeat, in sync with mine, when she told me she loved me.. For a long time that’s all I saw, red hearts, with pink hues mixed in it – the colour of her cheeks whenever she blushed when she was with me, which was quite often.. It was also the colour that I saw when I was deep in ecstasy, lost in her, lost in love and us..

It was then white – for I had a vision in white, her in a beautiful white dress, offering me a yellow daisy that she held in her hand and well, yellow too as it reminded me of her sunny smile, shining through everything, making me feel as if nothing else mattered then except her, smiling in front of me..

But then she left, and all those pictures, those memories in my head had a slight hue of grey in it.. And on days that I ache too much, it turns black, as if I’ve lost my vision, as if I’ve lost my sight..

I miss being her lilac sky.. I miss having her red wash all over me as before.. I wonder if she’ll turn me red for her once again..


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