Looking For An Umbrella

Pic Credit : http://i2.cdn.turner.com/cnnnext/dam/assets/151004101745-02-east-coast-flooding-1004-super-169.jpg
Pic Credit : http://i2.cdn.turner.com/cnnnext/dam/assets/151004101745-02-east-coast-flooding-1004-super-169.jpg


I have always loved the rain. When I was little, I used to follow my dad around as he went about his deliveries and we’d always get caught in the rain. We’d be soaking wet, dripping and at times, completely drenched and yet, we’d be having a good time. It’s probably this is what made me become quite immune to the rain as I’ve never gotten sick from being caught in the downpour.

And it often leaves me bewildered when I hear someone say that they hate the rain – as if it was something pesky, an unwanted nuisance.

I have difficulty in comprehending the reason behind the dislike. I mean, surely one realizes how much we need the rain, the overcast it brings to our lives in order to see things in a different perspective and allow growth to happen.

It is difficult – when one is accustomed to the sun, when one is accustomed to the warmth to be suddenly pushed into the darkness, to suddenly be pushed into the cold uncertainty. I understand that perfectly – after all I am currently experiencing it as well. And things have been bleak for a while now, things have been scary. What do I do – everything has been going downhill for a while now, will I even come out from this? These kind of questions are bothersome as it festers within you, casting seeds of doubts and planting them deep within.

This is where we are given the opportunity to learn about ourselves, to learn about our strength and weaknesses. It’s not easy of course, to lose sight of what you want, what you had wished for – especially when you lost sight because of something unexpected rather than by you making a mistake by chance.

And of course, during these kind of instances, we are the ones seeing what is happening; we are the ones experiencing the effects of the downpour – those around us are oblivious to it. And it is this kind of instances that triggers us, it is this kind of instances that makes us feel unfairly punished or tested by fate.

What we do not realize is how this kind of instances that are usually the kind that has so much to offer to us – they teach us, not just on our capabilities but also on the type of personalities we have surrounded ourselves with. It is in times of desperation and chaos that we learn more on who we can trust and who not to.

It is not going to be always rainy and gloomy out there – the sun will shine someday. And when that happens, all that has transpired during those thunderstorm would make sense. We will realize then why the rain was important for our growth.


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