SPREADING MY WINGS (original post 07.04.2012)



Why must we change, people –
why must we change?
Isn’t it enough that the world we live in is sucking us dry like a black hole,
so why must we change?

Why can’t we remain unchanged,
even as the sands of time comes to an end?
Why must we never be the same,
in this silly, pathetic game called life?

Let me be myself,
let me not lose my identity.
Let me be happy and let me grief,
let me wallow in self pity.

Let me be me,
let me be..
As long as I don’t influence or interfere,
let me live my life here..

So, just cause you’ve change,
just cause I no longer mean anything,
Don’t ask me to change,
and ignore all the past feelings..

I have dreams, broken, but still mine,
I’ll still hold onto it and hope to be fine..

Lets spread our wings and fly freely..


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