A Willing Gamble ~ An Untitled Chronicle Part 21

Samar kept building the pressure, the pleasure within Anna. She wanted to make Anna breathless with need, breathless with love.


Climbing onto the bed slowly, still ensuring that their bodies didn’t brush each other’s, Samar kissed her once again –  yet after having to watch Samar from afar, Anna was having none of it – she circled her hands around Samar’s neck and brought their bodies closer.

Warm bodies touching for the first time, the intensity of the heat that their bodies generated was too much for them. Hot electric coursed through, bringing out moans of pleasure from the both of them. The kiss grew urgent all of a sudden; desperation fuelling them, passion ignited the moment their lips met minutes ago. Samar couldn’t get her thoughts straight; she knew she had to – she needed to. She didn’t want Anna’s first time to be gone in minutes.

Putting her hands on Anna’s shoulders, she gently nudged her away.

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Their Moment ~ An Untitled Chronicle Part 20

Finally confessing her feelings to Samar, Anna stood there nervously, wondering how would Samar react to her words of love. 


“You’re behaving like a child!”

“At least I’m not running away,” Anna countered.


Samar was now standing in front of her, her eyes aglow with a kind of fiery anger that Anna had never seen before – yet oddly enough, she was happy to see them. She was happy to see that the fight within Samar is still alive.

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Samar Has Her Say ~ an Untitled Chronicle Part 19

The revelation from Patrick was something neither of them expected. Dazed, they simply ‘floated’ upstairs, making their way into Samar’s room quietly. 


“Samar …” Anna called her name, snapping her out of her thoughts.


Glancing over, she raised her brows at Anna, asking Anna to continue her sentence. When Anna asked if she could be with her a little longer, Samar knew Anna wanted to talk to her about what Patrick had just informed them.


“Why did you get angry at Patrick?”

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Looking Past the Fog ~ An Untitled Chronicle Part 18

Weeks after bringing Anna to the big house for shelter, Patrick, their inside man working with the police finally returned with information about Anna’s past.


“What is it that was so urgent for you to call us so late at night? Samar asked as soon as she and Anna entered Madam’s office. “I was quite grateful that there weren’t any clients calling tonight.”

“I don’t think that’s something to be grateful about – after all, isn’t it your livelihood?”


Samar glanced at Patrick as she motioned Anna onto the nearest chair. She wasn’t aware that her aunt wasn’t alone in the room. She wasn’t sure why her aunt was close to Patrick; probably because Patrick’s employment with the police department gave them the leeway that they’ve been enjoying for a while now. She was sure however that Patrick was completely in the dark pertaining to her past; Samar was confident that her past remained a story that only her blood knows.

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